Perfectly Polished

diamond micro pave engagement ringAfter receiving an overwhelming response to this engagement ring on Instagram, I decided we must take a little time to adore its beauty and explore all of the details that make it so great!

Crafted in 19k white gold and set with an abundance of round brilliant cut diamonds, this engagement ring sparkles and catches the light in such a stunning way.  It all starts with the brilliant round cut diamond at center.  Weighing just over 1.00ct in size, this diamond is held in a simple four-claw setting, with custom created ‘talon’ claws to show off its beauty.

This diamond is accented by micro pave set, round brilliant cut diamonds down the shoulders of the ring that add just the right amount of glimmer and flare.  If you are looking for a slim band but still want to incorporate diamonds, micro pave settings are just the thing for you.  The diamonds are set in individual and petite, four-claw settings that minimize width but maximize impact.

When these features all come together, it creates a feminine, classic and timeless look.  A design that will stand the test of time and sparkle in any light, this perfectly polished ring will certainly delight!

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A Match Made in Heaven

emerald-cut-halo-stacker-setIt is no secret that I have a mild obsession of emerald cut diamonds so when we put this amazing wedding set together, I just had to share it on my blog.

One of the amazing details of this ring is one that you may not notice at first glance.  If you look closely at the center, emerald cut diamond, you will see that it is actually made up of a group of smaller diamonds.  There is a striking combination of baguette cut diamonds and round brilliant cut diamonds that come together, invisibly set, to create the emerald cut shape.  It is a setting style that is technically, quite difficult to create but the end result is simply beautiful.  Using smaller diamonds to create one big look is also a way to keep this beautiful engagement ring light on the pocket-book!

And let’s not forget about the two brilliant, complimenting wedding bands.  The eclectic trend is still going strong and this is a great example of how to pull it off.  We have paired the emerald cut engagement ring with our favourite pod shaped, diamond stackable band and the always timeless, claw set eternity band.  These three rings, while not necessarily the text-book match, come together to create a match made in heaven.

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More Vegas Finds!

My sneak peek of our Las Vegas Jewellery Show finds continues as we venture into the brilliant but affordable section.  We have always carried a carefully curated selection of sterling silver jewellery to compliment our fine jewellery collections, but this year, our selection is about to get bigger.  And it is all thanks to the terrific Las Vegas Jewellery show.

Here are a few of our favourite new sterling silver pieces!  And the best part of these beauties is that they have just arrived and are now in stock!

Las Vegas Second Blog - 4Las Vegas Second Blog - 1








Las Vegas Second Blog - 3Las Vegas Second Blog - 2



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Highlights of a Dazzling Weekend in Vegas

Las Vegas Blog 4

My favourite time of year in the jewellery industry has to be early June when we make our annual trip to the JCK Jewellery Show in Las Vegas.  A family tradition since before I can remember, it is a not miss chance to check out the latest and greatest in the world of jewellery design and loose diamonds, and also a nice break too!

Las Vegas Blog 1

This year, we spent more hours at the show than ever before and brought back a gorgeous array of loose diamonds and out of this world jewellery pieces.  One of my absolute favourite pieces that we were lucky enough to bring back is the 18k white gold, diamond line necklace shown on the right.  This necklace is beyond compare and is set with a combination of baguette cut and round brilliant cut diamonds that create brilliant emerald and pear shapes down the length.  Totaling 18.44ct in diamond weight, I have never seen anything quite like it.  It even has a matching bracelet that dazzles just the same.

Las Vegas Blog 2

Loose diamonds were also a plenty making our diamond grading loupe work overtime.  We sorted through each and every one to make sure the diamonds we brought home lived up to our strict quality standards.  These diamonds will ultimately end up sparkling in diamond stud earrings, diamond pendants, and custom created engagement rings.

Las Vegas Blog 3

Engagement ring styles were also on full display with the antique inspired designs remaining on top of the trends.  This beauty pictured on the right stood out for many reasons.  The double diamond halo surrounding the center diamond couldn’t be more lovely and bright.  It also accentuates the look of the center diamond without taking any credit away from it.  We are also loving the shape of the outer diamond halo as it mimics one of our most beloved diamond bands, with the delicate pod shapes framed with miligrain detail.   Arriving in just a few short weeks, this engagement ring is definitely a must see.

These are just a few of our amazing finds with many more to come.  Check back as I will be posting more exciting new styles and designs from our favourite event of the year!


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A Creation of Your Own

Rose Gold Double Halo Twin RingsDid you know that Minichiello Jewellers specialty lies in custom made engagement rings and brilliant loose diamonds?  Read a little further and you will soon discover this is what we do best.  We have been helping our clients for over 60 years create the ring of their dreams from start to finish in their own unique and personalized way.

At Minichiello’s, you will find a vast selection of ring styles and designs to inspire you and aid you in finding the ring you will treasure forever.   And if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for among our many designs, we have the ability to turn any picture, drawing or idea into the most beautiful piece you have ever seen.

We also carry a large inventory of carefully selected loose diamonds in different sizes, qualities and price ranges so there is something to suit everyone that walks through our doors.  We will educate you in diamond quality and take the time necessary for you to make such a momentous decision of choosing ‘the ring’.

If you need help finding the right diamond, design, and ring for your special someone, Minichiello Jewellers is the perfect place to start.  Come check out our showroom of stunning styles and brilliant pieces, it’s sure not to disappoint.


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On top of the trend

blake-lively-eng ringAt Minichiello Jewellers, we like to think we are on top of the brightest and best jewellery trends around.  Keeping things fresh, innovative and stylish are top priority and it reflects in the beautiful pieces we craft for our clients.

One trend that we predicted way back in 2014, when we first posted this photo, was the beauty of rose gold creations and the most popular fancy shape to date, the oval cut diamond.  These two styles have been making a major impact on the bridal jewellery scene this year and our clients couldn’t agree more.

Rose gold has been very popular in Europe for a long time now but it’s just making waves in the north american market over the last couple of years.  The soft pink hue makes a stunning backdrop for colourless diamonds and subtle toned gemstones alike.  To achieve this lovely pink metal, you add a little bit of copper with a dash of silver into a base of yellow gold and voila!

The oval cut diamond has been making its presence very known over the last year and boy, are we paying attention.  The oval cut diamond has incredible versatility looking equally stunning in a solitaire, halo, or multi stone design.  It has the sparkle of any other brilliant cut diamond and it also out performs the other diamond shapes in terms of its face up size.  A well cut oval diamond tends to appear larger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight, giving us one more reason to love and embrace it.


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Feminine Perfection

blog march 2016Growing up in the family business, in the wonderful world of jewellery, I have been lucky to come across a wide array of stunning engagement rings.  I’ve seen every style from in your face flashy to understated and subtle, from ultra modern and sleek to vintage and antique. But when this beauty was created and found a place in our jewellery counter, it quickly became a favourite and rates high on my list.

This cushion cut, diamond halo engagement ring has it all.  Sparkle, brilliance, impeccable quality, feminine flair and a style to last lifetimes.  Designed to highlight the amazing cushion cut diamond at center, we kept the diamond halo dainty and the micro pave, diamond settings virtually invisible.  These details combined with the high polish, white gold back drop create a stunning engagement ring that just can’t be beat.


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Fred MinichielloIt is with heavy hearts that we share the passing of our beloved Fred Minichiello.  A cherished husband, father, grandfather, and dear friend to all those who were lucky enough to cross his path.  Irreplaceable in every way, his kindness, generosity, and incredible sense of humour touched so many and will live on forever in our hearts.  A legacy like no other.

My father Fred started his life’s passion, Minichiello Jewellers, in 1958.  You could say he fell into it because of his incredible gift with people, everyone loved him.  He was working at a little shoe shine shop on Granville Street enjoying the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver.  He had an incredible sense of humour and was an entertainer at heart so it was natural that he quickly became the busiest shiner in town.  Because of his popularity and his ambition to become something great, he decided to start offering more than just a shine or two and began selling gold necklaces to everyone that stopped by.  The rest is history.

Fred moved his operation into a three-story, walk up office building on the corner of Robson and Granville Street in the heart of downtown Vancouver.  It was here that Minichiello Jewellers was born.  With his italian roots, his incredible sense of style and his love for making people happy, Minichiello Jewellers quickly became a success.  I’ve been told many incredible stories about those days.  People would line up down the hall and wait for their chance to purchase gold necklaces and other fine italian jewellery from my dad at incredible prices.  They trusted him and knew that they would walk away with not only a beautiful, quality piece of jewellery but also a friend for life.

After he married my mother, Sharon, he put her to work too.  I was often told the story of how she worked alongside him with a pregnant belly and an apron around her growing waist to hold all of the money.   There was never enough time to go to the till, as there was always someone else waiting for their turn.  Soon thereafter, his sister Pat helped him keep up with the growing success and a few years later his nephew, Dick helped out too.  Thus, bringing true meaning to the idea of a family business.

I remember how much I loved going to visit my dad and getting a chance to watch him in action.  He had a joke and a compliment for each person that walked in the door.  He especially loved making the ladies blush commenting always on how nice their hair looked and pretending to kiss the back of their hand.  They loved visiting Fred and he loved seeing them.  This is what truly made him happy.

When my sister and I were old enough to start working alongside him, he taught us a wealth of information about the jewellery industry in its entirety.  Everything from design, diamonds, jewellery repairs, and sales but always on top of the list was customer service.  He always believed that the philosophy of ‘word of mouth’ was better than any type of advertising and because of this strong belief, everyone needed to leave Minichiello Jewellers being one hundred percent satisfied and with a big smile on their face.

As years went by, Fred began helping third generations of customers and loved to reminisce about the good old days.  Many customers would proudly tell him that their grandparents wedding rings were from him, their parents rings were from him as well and now it was their turn to join in on the family tradition.  How incredible this must have made him feel.  I know it made my whole family extremely proud.

Because of his passion and sheer enjoyment of spending his days in the office it was extremely hard for him to hand over the reigns.  Minichiello Jewellers was his baby and the thought of doing anything else never crossed his mind.  He desperately wanted to work forever and continue all of the relationships he had built over the 50 plus years with his faithful customers.  When his son-in-law Daniel, Crestina’s husband, started to work alongside him and learn the business just like we had, my dad finally felt comfortable enough to step back and enjoy life as a retiree.

I will never forget and always treasure my memories of this wonderful man as I’m sure many people will do too.   Fred, you were truly an outstanding man.  We consider ourselves so blessed to have shared in life’s journey with you.  We hope to make you proud as we carry on your tradition and hopefully, one or all of your grandchildren will share this passion too.  And with every sparkle in every diamond that we see, we will always think of you shining down on us.  We love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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Stacking Perfection

Xmas2015-6Our all time favourite diamond band collection of 2015 is undoubtedly our stackable diamond bands and that is why it was a cinch to include them in our holiday wish list this year.

Versatility, femininity, and brilliance are only a few of the many words I could use to describe these diamond bands.  They stack so perfectly with any wedding set or diamond anniversary ring and also happen to look quite lovely on their own.  With many styles, outlines, and colours of gold to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one for your special someone this holiday season.

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Triple Row Perfection

Xmas2015-5When one row of diamonds just isn’t enough, why not have three?!  This new arrival to Minichiello Jewellers and next holiday gift idea does not disappoint with its triple row perfection.

Part of our beautiful right hand ring collection, this diamond band stands out for its unique but timeless appeal.  It is crafted to look like three separate micro pave diamond bands but the secret is underneath the finger where it is all held together.  Its versatility is also quite impressive as it looks amazing on any finger you choose.  There are many reasons why this beauty makes our holiday wish list this year and if you find it under your tree, lucky you!

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