A Modern Remake

A Modern RemakeIf you are lucky enough to inherit a piece of jewellery but not lucky enough to love the design, do I have some ideas for you!  Taken straight out of my very own jewellery box is an example of how reworking a piece of jewellery can be simple and effective, and give that old piece of jewellery new life.

My mother gifted me this sapphire and diamond cluster ring that she used to wear, lets just say, a long time ago!  The design was lovely back in the day but isn’t exactly my style or taste.  I put it aside until I had some inspiration and while I was flipping through some magazines this summer, the design idea was found.

Using the beautiful blue sapphires from the center of the cluster ring, I designed a  simple, high polish band with modern flair.  Bezel setting the sapphires through the center was an easy decision for practicality, considering I have three young boys that I’m always chasing after!  Deciding between white or yellow gold was the biggest decision as white gold dominates my jewellery box and is typically the perfect backdrop for those cool hued gems, but something was intriguing about yellow gold and I’m glad that was my choice.

The next step was to create a wax mock-up so I could really get a sense of the finished piece.  The size, the width, the sapphire placement, every detail that I wanted was represented in bright green wax.  I loved every design detail and was anxious to have the wax casted and the sapphires set.  In seven quick days, the final piece was finished and needless to say, I was a happy camper.

Not only do I have a custom made, modern and beautiful sapphire band but I also have a little piece of history that I will cherish forever.  Special thanks to my mom, Sharon Minichiello, for a generous gift that had an unexpected and wonderful modern remake.


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A Behind the Scenes Look

wax to reality

Drawing of Design






At Minichiello Jewellers, we love all things weddings, so we were thrilled when Moda Wedding Professionals wanted to do a feature on our family business. Jasalyn Thorne, creator of this fabulous new website and highly sought after wedding photographer, sat down with Crestina Minichiello to get a behind the scenes look at what we do best, the custom process.


Click here to read the full story!




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Magnificent Morganite

Magnificent MorganiteThere is a new love in my life and this one shines like the best of them.  The morganite is completely taking my breath away and this picture is every reason why.

A close relative of the emerald and aquamarine, they are all forms of beryl, the morganite is widely known for its soft pink and rose tone colour.  They are also known to be fairly large in size as morganite crystals are generally quite big.

This morganite ring is perfectly paired with 18k rose gold and colourless diamonds for an ultra feminine and timeless feel.  When you are designing with coloured stones, you always want to choose a metal that will enhance and complement your stone and the rose gold colour of this ring does this oh so, lovingly.

We have also added two of our favourite diamond stackable bands, the bezel set and the micro pave, to complete the look with contemporary flair.  They too, are crafted in 18k rose gold and paired with the finest in colourless diamonds but can also be ordered in white or yellow gold.

If you are looking to add some colour to your jewellery wardrobe this could be the stone for you.  Soft, feminine and just beautiful in every way, the morganite’s pretty pink colour is definitely here to stay.


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Spring’s Gorgeous Green

Emerald CityWith this beautiful spring weather comes one of the worlds most valued and sought after gemstones, the radiant green emerald.  This lively and delicate gem is the birthstone for those lucky individuals born in the month of May, as well as the gemstone for twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries.

I love this stone, not only for its intense green colour, but because it is one of the few gemstones where inclusions are tolerated and very much accepted.  The tense conditions under which emeralds form in the earths surface produce what is commonly known as ‘jardin’, which is a lovely name for the crystal inclusions, fissures or cracks that are present.  These clarity characteristics come second when determining the value of a green emerald as colour reigns supreme and drives the price higher.  Very different from that of a diamond, where clarity characteristics are shunned upon when determining its ultimate value.

These three pieces that adorn our jewellery showcase are a beautiful sampling of the fine emeralds design.  Used most commonly in necklaces and rings, they combine tradition with elegance for a classic appeal that never goes out of style.



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April’s Fine Diamond

Diamond-ShapesIt is one of my favourite months of the year and the reason is all in the birthstone.  April’s birthstone is the beautiful diamond and it really doesn’t get better than that.

Diamonds capture the heart for so many reasons including their rarity, their timelessness, and their sentimentality.  It is the hardest known, natural mineral and because of this characteristic, it is the stone most commonly used for engagement rings and jewellery pieces chosen for lifelong commitments.

I love the diamond for many sparkly reasons, one of them being their ability to help individuals express their personal style.  There are many shapes to choose from and many feelings these different shapes evoke.  This picture shows the most popular shapes on the market, the round, the cushion, and the princess to name a few.  Each shape is expertly cut and faceted for maximum brilliance and incredible scintillation and each shape is chosen to express ones personal taste and point of view.  Whether it’s the classic round brilliant cut diamond, the more contemporary princess cut, or the femininity of the cushion cut diamond, you cannot make a bad decision.  We always encourage our clients to try on every shape, for when the right one slips on your finger, it will look and feel just right.

Pop by and check out our beautiful diamonds in every shape, size and budget.  There is truly something for everyone and the month of the fine diamond is a great time to start.

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Instagram Takeover

What fun we will have and how busy I will be taking over our Minichiello Jewellers Instagram account for the next couple of days.  My sister is absolute perfection in the role, posting amazing designs and great inspiration for all of our loyal followers.  But while she soaks up the sun on her spring break get away, I’m in charge, no pressure at all. Yikes!

Head on over to see my picks of new and notable jewellery pieces.  I’ve already posted a picture of some amazing fancy shape diamonds set into the most perfect halo settings, and there is more where that came from.  Just click here and follow me on this fun little adventure!


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Oscar Inspiration


If you are like me and are still dreaming about all that sparkle on the Oscars red carpet, do I have a few beauties for you!  I am always on the look out for a great celebrity look for less and I have found three gorgeous looks worthy of a little attention.



The first find had to be Chrissy Teigen’s feminine diamond hoop earrings.  Her complete red carpet look was on point and her sparkly earrings were the icing on the cake.  Our 18k white gold and diamond hoop earrings are a fraction of the price and evoke the same feminine and timeless feeling.  Exquisite at any angle, they would be a great addition to any girls jewellery box.






To match her edgy and fashion forward ensemble, Naomi Watts chose beautifully embellished sapphire and diamond drop earrings.  Our sapphire drops are a little smaller in size and a whole lot lighter on your pocket-book!  A new addition to the store this year and a personal favourite of mine.








Elegance was the first word that came to mind when I saw Reese Witherspoon walk down the red carpet.  Her dress was amazing and her earrings sparkled like crazy.  Her diamond studs reminded me a lot of our popular, diamond rosebud stud earrings.  Elegant, classic and timeless, a pair of earrings that will never go out of style.


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Celebrities that sparkled

celebrities that sparkledWhat a night!  Or, more appropriately,  what a very long night.  With over 3 1/2 hours of awards, fashion, and musical delights, the 2015 Academy Awards has come and gone and left a little diamond dust behind for us to remember.

The red carpet was full of classic, old hollywood glamour, with not too many ‘what was she thinking?’ moments.  The big trends that stood out for me amongst the many beautiful looks were statement earrings and diamond cuffs galore in many shapes, sizes and colours.  My top picks are the four lovely ladies at left.  Each proving that a little ear and wrist candy can go a long way.

Gwenyth Paltrow stood out for me in the coloured stone category with her extra-large, cabochon, Fire Phoenix earrings.  Valued at $425K, they definitely made an impression and were the perfect accent to her elegant, pale pink gown.  Reese Witherspoon wowed in diamond cluster studs that seemed to take up almost half of her ear.  They were classic, sparkly and elegant, a perfect fit for her timeless and simple look.

Marion Cotillards diamond hoop earrings take the cake for the boldest statement.  You could not miss those beauties brilliantly shining down the red carpet.  The design so unique and the detail so intricate, she couldn’t have chosen anything better.  And if you didn’t look close, you might have missed the amazing, contemporary diamond cuffs that Emma Stone was rocking.  They were adorned with rose cut diamonds and set in a mix of 18k yellow and white gold and when the price says, available upon request, you know they are something special.

Overall, a night of stars, sparkle, and shine, that kept my inner fashionista fulfilled.   Stay tuned for my jewellery picks inspired by these looks that will have you looking like a star without breaking the bank!

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Anticipating Brilliance

054_DSC7241-edit copyThe 2015 Academy Awards are just around the corner and I can’t wait for my favourite night of style and fashion.  Watching the red carpet telecast has always been my tradition and I don’t move from the couch until the last celebrity look arrives.  And what captures my attention the most is always the bling.  The big, the bold and the beautiful gemstone and diamond jewellery this world has to offer.

If I had to pick from our beautiful jewellery collection, a pair of earrings worthy of this night, I would definitely choose these stunning earrings at left.  Nicknamed “The Emily” after one classically beautiful actress, Emily Blunt, who was the first to own these fabulous drops (and they came straight from our store no less!).  They are the perfect mix of femininity, elegance and sparkle.  Each drop is expertly hinged to move and the catch the light in every direction and the micro pave setting is beyond compare.

I can’t wait to find out what the trends and fashion statements in jewellery will be.  Check back and I’ll share my favourite looks of all the winning celebrities!





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Love is in the air!

valentines-2015Oh, Valentine’s Day.  A day filled with romance, love and all things wonderful.  Time to tell your special someone how much they mean to you and a little something extra never hurt either.  A little something sparkly, that is!

Make sure to check out our 2015 Valentine’s Day picks on our brand new web store.  A handful of beautiful pieces that were personally selected by the Minichiello gang to put a smile on your valentines face.  And with the click of a button, we will ship you that perfect piece just in time.

Pendants seem to be the popular choice but we have some lovely earrings and gorgeous rings too!  And if you are thinking along the lines of something more serious, a proposal perhaps, our amazing staff can certainly lead you in the right direction.

A little inspiration can go along way.  Let us help you find the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day!

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