Decisions decisions ….

Decisions decisionsWith so many beautiful ring designs and so many beautiful diamond shapes, how is a girl supposed to choose that one perfect ring?!! Luckily, our counters are full this season of wonderful inspiration across the diamond ring style spectrum.

The key to finding your dream ring is to follow your heart and stay true to your personal style. If you are a classic kind of girl, stick with it and look for styles that embody this like a beautiful and timeless solitaire or a dainty diamond encrusted band. If you are on top of the trends, why not try a fancy shape diamond like an emerald cut or an oval? These fancy shape diamonds will make you stand out from the crowd as they are typically not the obvious choice. And if modern designs are your thing, try a bezel set ring or one with channel set detailing. These types of settings will give you the sleek and modern flair that you will cherish forever

Whatever your fancy, we have you covered. We have a fantastic selection of engagement rings in store and can also custom make everything under the sun! Let us channel your style into a ring you’ve always dreamed of and help you make a decision that will sparkle for a lifetime.

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The Halo Redefined

A Simplified HaloMy love affair with diamond halo rings is never-ending and these three beauties are another example of why!  I am so in love with this Pear Shape, this Princess and this brilliant Oval.

Each ring is crafted to impress with the sparkle and brilliance that only a diamond halo could possess.  Each halo perfectly accentuates the outline of its fancy shape diamond at center.  It draws focus and attention to the stone you’ve spent so much time looking for.

Supporting all these lovely, fancy shaped diamonds are the most classic bands you will find.  Each band is tiffany in shape, high polish in appearance and is as smooth to the touch as they look.  Pairing the diamond halo design with this simplistic band, creates a classic contemporary feel that has my heart jumping.  And better yet, each one of these gorgeous rings is in stock today!

If a diamond halo engagement ring is what you are in the market for, make sure to try one of these on.  It’s a halo redefined and you’ll fall in love with these designs.

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Playing Favourites

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur obsession with stackable diamond bands started a few years ago but it keeps getting stronger by the day.  This picture was featured in a post I wrote in 2012 and it still remains very current to date.  People are always looking for unique ways to express their individual style and with these diamond stackable bands, there are so many fantastic options to choose from.

Stack any of these beauties on your right hand for an update on the traditional anniversary style ring.  Play with the order in which you stack them for an ever-changing, always brilliant look.  Or pair any of these with your beautiful engagement ring to add an eclectic but super stylish feel to the set you will cherish forever.

The options are limitless, the designs are beyond compare, and the sparkle is simply amazing.  They even come in any color of the gold spectrum from white, to yellow and rose.  Come by our office and check these lovelies out and soon, you too, will be playing favourites!

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The Perfect Princess

Perfect PrincessPrincess cut diamonds still remain among the most popular shapes of all time and this perfect princess is one of the reasons why!  Not only is it fantastically large, weighing over 5.00ct’s in size, but its perfectly symmetrical, square shape is textbook all the way.

When searching for a princess cut diamond you will find a lot of variations in the measurements between stones.  Not all diamonds are created equal and not all diamonds are cut equally too!  There will be some very rectangular looking stones, some with a slightly longer side, and others a perfect square.   It’s all in the eye and what appeals to you is best, but I like my princesses to be as square as they come!

And the triple shank, diamond pave band on this ring cannot be left out either!  It is the perfect complement and the perfect support to all that loveliness in the center.  The three rows of diamonds create just enough width to keep that beautiful princess from spinning under the finger.

All in all, it’s perfection in every way.  Slipping this ring on your finger will brighten up any day!




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A Donation to Make a Difference

Canucks Fishing for KidsA diamond can have many meanings over its lifetime but this particular diamond will be known for its charitable spirit.  On Saturday, August 23rd at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia in downtown Vancouver, it was displayed so magnificently and raffled off to raise money and awareness for a very special cause, autism.

It was a lovely evening to kickoff the Canucks Fishing For Kids Tournament, an annual event known to bring together community and business leaders to inspire and encourage charitable giving.  In 2013, over 1.1 million dollars was raised and we hope this year that the number is even higher.  With the astonishing rise in diagnoses of autism, up nearly 78% since 2007 (CDC,2012), it’s a disorder that deserves and needs our undivided attention. We were thrilled to help with our donation of a beautiful 1.00ct loose diamond and proud to be associated with such a dedicated organization.


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Monogram Mania

monogram bracelet

I was never the sentimental type until I found the love of my life and we started our family together.  Six years of marriage and three wonderful little boys later, I find myself gravitating towards anything and everything personalized and monogrammed.  There is something to be said for that little feeling I get when I put that special piece around my neck or on my wrist.  A little reminder of my loves to carry with me for the day and something sparkly and stylish to satisfy my taste.  So when I came across this new monogram collection at our office a few weeks ago, I knew I had found my next piece to treasure forever.

monogram group

Right away, I fell in love with the monogram bracelet.  Everything from the petite chain, to the font style, to the disc shaped monogram was perfect.  I was even happier to find that it was available in any color of gold or silver, and that it didn’t cost a fortune!  I immediately ordered my personalized bracelet in high polish yellow gold with my three boys initials in the center, and 10 days later it was mine.  It hasn’t left my wrist since this day and it will forever be one of my favourite pieces.

The collection also features other beautiful ways to wear this stunning monogram.  The necklace options are abundant and completely timeless and the cufflinks would make a fantastic gift!  There are even stud earrings that are so unique and different.  I would never have thought to style a monogram that way!

Any piece you choose from this collection, I promise you will not be disappointed.  It’s monogram mania at Minichiello’s and I’m right on board!

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Get Inspired on Instagram

Instagram Instagram 2If there is one jewellery store that you need to follow on your Instagram account, then it has to be us, Minichiello Jewellers!  My sister, Crestina, has taken this project under her wing and has been up to some pretty amazing things!

If you look up @minichiellojewellers on your Instagram App you will find the latest in jewellery trends, the newest additions in our counters, the most noteworthy custom pieces and some of the most fabulous pictures around.  You may even spot a local celebrity or two, a world-famous entertainer and some other pretty important people to the Minichiello family.  I am so proud of the job Crestina has done showing our diversity in design, our quality of jewellery pieces, and our true passion for all things sparkly.

If you are looking for some jewellery inspiration, looking for a way to get to know us better, or just looking to pass some time, click follow on our page, you will not be disappointed!

Here are a few of my favourite pictures and posts and a sampling of our most liked designs on @minichiellojewellers!

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Arm Candy

arm candyLooking for a little arm candy to sparkle up your summer wardrobe?  Well, look no further as these three bangles might just do the trick!

With everything summer brings like bridal showers, surprise engagements, family get togethers and most importantly weddings, dressing up is almost a daily occurrence.  And to me, the funnest area to dress up is the wrist!  We have a lot of fantastic styles in our counters this summer but I thought these three bangles represent three different looks and three different price ranges perfectly.

Lets start from the bottom and work our way up!  Our Emile Charles, Pod Bangle is hand crafted right here in Vancouver and set in high polish, 14k white gold. It has lovely, colorless, round brilliant cut diamond pave accents and has just the right amount of flex to slip over your wrist.  The bangle at center is our Elegant Diamond Bangle that consists of three amazing rows of the most beautiful diamonds you’ll ever see! It even has a hidden clasp so there is no distracting from all the brilliance and shine.  On top, you may think that you see even more diamonds but if you look really close, there aren’t any in sight.  This beauty is actually comprised of a diamond cut texture that wraps around the bangles entirety giving you a glammed up appearance on an everyday girls budget.

These three bangles are amazing alone but even better together and so classic in style that you will love them forever!



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Amazing Aquamarine

aquamarinaAnother amazing standout from this years JCK Las Vegas Jewellery Show is the incredible Diamond and Aquamarine right hand ring pictured here.  I loved it so much that it almost left Las Vegas on my finger instead of in our jewellery order!  Showing great restraint, I decided to put this beauty on display instead of in my jewellery box, as it could overflow if I make any more purchases!

The center Aquamarine is visually remarkable and considerably unique in its form.  It is opaque in appearance and expertly carved into a slightly faceted and cabochon-like form.  This cutting style produces a subtle blue glow which is beautifully highlighted by the micro pave diamond halo.  Supporting all this loveliness is a tiffany shaped, high polish, white gold shank which is just wide enough to provide balance and proportion.

It’s a perfect display of classic styling with a contemporary twist and a welcome addition to our counters this summer!

Be sure to stay tuned as I have more Las Vegas highlights coming soon!

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Best in Show

Best In ShowA definite perk to being part of a family jewellery business is being able to take part in some of the most wonderful jewellery shows and conventions around the world.  A personal favourite of mine is the annual, JCK Las Vegas Jewellery Show which brings together the best of the best in jewellery design and loose diamonds and gemstones from around the world.  Every year we are excited to see the new and noteworthy pieces on display from upcoming designers as well as those we have already grown to love and adore.  This year there were many standouts and many brilliant pieces but these gorgeous bracelets definitely won my heart.

The best in show, as far as I’m concerned, has to be these ultra flex, woven bangle bracelets set in a variety of metals from yellow gold, to rose gold, to white gold and even silver.  Each bracelet consists of tightly woven strands that provide just the right amount of flexibility making every day wear so simple and easy.  They can be perfectly summed up as classic with a bit of an edge making them the epitome of style for your wrist.  There is one for every occasion from every day flair to just, plain WOW!  Hands down my top pick for unique style and substance but stay tuned for more sparkly highlights from the show.

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