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Full Swing

Wedding season is in full swing at Minichiello Jewellers and we are loving every minute of it.  It is a chance to have some fun and get creative with wedding bands and discover pairings that take your set from incredible to wow!  It is also a great time to express your individuality and choose something that is uniquely yours.

Our diamond stackable bands come in many shapes, sizes and colours of gold and are the perfect complement for engagement rings of every style.  Four of our most popular styles are included in the picture at left.  We are showing the marquise and round bezel alternating diamond band; the classic, four-claw diamond eternity band; the diamond shape and pod alternating diamond band; and our lovely full bezel set, miligrain detailed diamond band.  Each of these diamond bands are feminine, classic, and full of brilliance.  And what makes these bands even sweeter, is that they are all available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum.

Completely customizable and oh, so beautiful!  If you are on the hunt for wedding bands for your big day, I can't think of a better place to start.

The New Classic

The oval cut diamond is hot, hot, hot (check out my previous post!) but it may have some competition with these three beauties pictured here.   Fancy shape diamonds are making a major impact in engagement ring designs and I have to say, it's about time!

As a fancy diamond wearer myself, I have always admired and adored fancy shaped diamonds for their uniqueness and individuality.  They are not nearly as popular as the beautiful round brilliant cut diamond but they all have something special in their own way.

The cushion cut diamond at left quickly became one of the most popular fancy shape diamonds over the last 10 years and its popularity is showing no signs of slowing down.  It is a happy medium between the round brilliant cut diamond and a fancy cut diamond as its brilliant cut facets sparkle and shine like the best of them.

The pear shape diamond creates such an elegant and elongated look on the finger and is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour thanks to Elizabeth Taylor and her now infamous, Taylor-Burton 69.42ct pear shape stunner.  This diamond had major impact on the world of diamonds and design and was even on display at Cartier for a small amount of time, fetching over 6000 visitors per day!

Last but not least is the emerald cut diamond pictured on the right.  This elegant shape has forever been my favourite and even though its sparkle factor ranks lower on the charts, it's this subtle shimmer and glow that will always win over my heart.

We have shown these three beautiful diamonds in the most simplistic of designs, a timeless and delicate yellow gold mounting.  This understated design is the perfect complement to any fancy shape diamond as it focuses all of the attention right where it needs to be.  The new classic is all about fancies and we couldn't agree more!





All About The Oval

It's a new year and we are already seeing the new trends that 2017 has to offer.  And one trend that we just can't get enough of is the stunning oval cut diamond.  This classic diamond shape is making a comeback in a major way and we are definitely paying attention.

The gorgeous oval cut diamond first made its appearance in the 1960's.  It was a modification of the traditional round brilliant cut diamond, elongated into the elegant oval shape, while still keeping that great sparkle.  It quickly garnered popularity and attention but became over shadowed when other popular fancy shape diamonds came onto the market.

Now, the oval cut diamond is back in high demand and it is easy to see why.  The shape is timeless, classic and offers nothing but sparkle.  The oval cut diamond also looks amazing in a variety of settings so its versatility rates high on the charts.  My preference for the lovely oval diamond, is the simple solitaire pictured at left.  We have set the diamond in a white gold, four-claw setting and placed it on a slim, high polish yellow gold band.   With this design, it is all about the oval and I wouldn't want it any other way.

A beautiful holiday engagement

double-halo-engagement-ring-rose-goldThe holiday season is swiftly approaching and if you have love on your brain, there is no time to waste!  Proposals are perfect and a plenty over the holiday season and now is the best time to start.

There is just something magical about getting engaged over the holidays.  Everything is warm and cozy, love and romance are in the air and there is no shortage of parties and occasions where you can show off your new bling.  And as a past recipient of a holiday proposal, I can tell you that I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

We have the most beautiful selection of engagement rings sparkling in our counter and if custom is your thing, our goldsmiths do not disappoint.  Just make sure to give yourself enough time to put the love and attention a ring like this deserves.

For custom orders, two to three weeks should do the trick and we will guide you every step of the way.  From diamond selection, to the intricacies of design, to wax mock-ups and the final finishing touches we make sure every element is exactly as you pictured it.

If inspiration is what you need, our counters are filled with engagement rings in many diamond shapes and sizes for you to explore.   Crafted in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum, there is really something to suit every style, taste and budget.  And if we have the perfect engagement ring shining in our counter, we will wrap it up in a beautiful box and you are all set to propose.




Perfectly Polished

diamond micro pave engagement ringAfter receiving an overwhelming response to this engagement ring on Instagram, I decided we must take a little time to adore its beauty and explore all of the details that make it so great!

Crafted in 19k white gold and set with an abundance of round brilliant cut diamonds, this engagement ring sparkles and catches the light in such a stunning way.  It all starts with the brilliant round cut diamond at center.  Weighing just over 1.00ct in size, this diamond is held in a simple four-claw setting, with custom created 'talon' claws to show off its beauty.

This diamond is accented by micro pave set, round brilliant cut diamonds down the shoulders of the ring that add just the right amount of glimmer and flare.  If you are looking for a slim band but still want to incorporate diamonds, micro pave settings are just the thing for you.  The diamonds are set in individual and petite, four-claw settings that minimize width but maximize impact.

When these features all come together, it creates a feminine, classic and timeless look.  A design that will stand the test of time and sparkle in any light, this perfectly polished ring will certainly delight!