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Full Swing

Wedding season is in full swing at Minichiello Jewellers and we are loving every minute of it.  It is a chance to have some fun and get creative with wedding bands and discover pairings that take your set from incredible to wow!  It is also a great time to express your individuality and choose something that is uniquely yours.

Our diamond stackable bands come in many shapes, sizes and colours of gold and are the perfect complement for engagement rings of every style.  Four of our most popular styles are included in the picture at left.  We are showing the marquise and round bezel alternating diamond band; the classic, four-claw diamond eternity band; the diamond shape and pod alternating diamond band; and our lovely full bezel set, miligrain detailed diamond band.  Each of these diamond bands are feminine, classic, and full of brilliance.  And what makes these bands even sweeter, is that they are all available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum.

Completely customizable and oh, so beautiful!  If you are on the hunt for wedding bands for your big day, I can't think of a better place to start.

The New Classic

The oval cut diamond is hot, hot, hot (check out my previous post!) but it may have some competition with these three beauties pictured here.   Fancy shape diamonds are making a major impact in engagement ring designs and I have to say, it's about time!

As a fancy diamond wearer myself, I have always admired and adored fancy shaped diamonds for their uniqueness and individuality.  They are not nearly as popular as the beautiful round brilliant cut diamond but they all have something special in their own way.

The cushion cut diamond at left quickly became one of the most popular fancy shape diamonds over the last 10 years and its popularity is showing no signs of slowing down.  It is a happy medium between the round brilliant cut diamond and a fancy cut diamond as its brilliant cut facets sparkle and shine like the best of them.

The pear shape diamond creates such an elegant and elongated look on the finger and is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour thanks to Elizabeth Taylor and her now infamous, Taylor-Burton 69.42ct pear shape stunner.  This diamond had major impact on the world of diamonds and design and was even on display at Cartier for a small amount of time, fetching over 6000 visitors per day!

Last but not least is the emerald cut diamond pictured on the right.  This elegant shape has forever been my favourite and even though its sparkle factor ranks lower on the charts, it's this subtle shimmer and glow that will always win over my heart.

We have shown these three beautiful diamonds in the most simplistic of designs, a timeless and delicate yellow gold mounting.  This understated design is the perfect complement to any fancy shape diamond as it focuses all of the attention right where it needs to be.  The new classic is all about fancies and we couldn't agree more!





A Creation of Your Own

Rose Gold Double Halo Twin RingsDid you know that Minichiello Jewellers specialty lies in custom made engagement rings and brilliant loose diamonds?  Read a little further and you will soon discover this is what we do best.  We have been helping our clients for over 60 years create the ring of their dreams from start to finish in their own unique and personalized way.

At Minichiello's, you will find a vast selection of ring styles and designs to inspire you and aid you in finding the ring you will treasure forever.   And if you can't find exactly what you are looking for among our many designs, we have the ability to turn any picture, drawing or idea into the most beautiful piece you have ever seen.

We also carry a large inventory of carefully selected loose diamonds in different sizes, qualities and price ranges so there is something to suit everyone that walks through our doors.  We will educate you in diamond quality and take the time necessary for you to make such a momentous decision of choosing 'the ring'.

If you need help finding the right diamond, design, and ring for your special someone, Minichiello Jewellers is the perfect place to start.  Come check out our showroom of stunning styles and brilliant pieces, it's sure not to disappoint.


Fred MinichielloIt is with heavy hearts that we share the passing of our beloved Fred Minichiello.  A cherished husband, father, grandfather, and dear friend to all those who were lucky enough to cross his path.  Irreplaceable in every way, his kindness, generosity, and incredible sense of humour touched so many and will live on forever in our hearts.  A legacy like no other.

My father Fred started his life's passion, Minichiello Jewellers, in 1958.  You could say he fell into it because of his incredible gift with people, everyone loved him.  He was working at a little shoe shine shop on Granville Street enjoying the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver.  He had an incredible sense of humour and was an entertainer at heart so it was natural that he quickly became the busiest shiner in town.  Because of his popularity and his ambition to become something great, he decided to start offering more than just a shine or two and began selling gold necklaces to everyone that stopped by.  The rest is history.

Fred moved his operation into a three-story, walk up office building on the corner of Robson and Granville Street in the heart of downtown Vancouver.  It was here that Minichiello Jewellers was born.  With his italian roots, his incredible sense of style and his love for making people happy, Minichiello Jewellers quickly became a success.  I've been told many incredible stories about those days.  People would line up down the hall and wait for their chance to purchase gold necklaces and other fine italian jewellery from my dad at incredible prices.  They trusted him and knew that they would walk away with not only a beautiful, quality piece of jewellery but also a friend for life.

After he married my mother, Sharon, he put her to work too.  I was often told the story of how she worked alongside him with a pregnant belly and an apron around her growing waist to hold all of the money.   There was never enough time to go to the till, as there was always someone else waiting for their turn.  Soon thereafter, his sister Pat helped him keep up with the growing success and a few years later his nephew, Dick helped out too.  Thus, bringing true meaning to the idea of a family business.

I remember how much I loved going to visit my dad and getting a chance to watch him in action.  He had a joke and a compliment for each person that walked in the door.  He especially loved making the ladies blush commenting always on how nice their hair looked and pretending to kiss the back of their hand.  They loved visiting Fred and he loved seeing them.  This is what truly made him happy.

When my sister and I were old enough to start working alongside him, he taught us a wealth of information about the jewellery industry in its entirety.  Everything from design, diamonds, jewellery repairs, and sales but always on top of the list was customer service.  He always believed that the philosophy of 'word of mouth' was better than any type of advertising and because of this strong belief, everyone needed to leave Minichiello Jewellers being one hundred percent satisfied and with a big smile on their face.

As years went by, Fred began helping third generations of customers and loved to reminisce about the good old days.  Many customers would proudly tell him that their grandparents wedding rings were from him, their parents rings were from him as well and now it was their turn to join in on the family tradition.  How incredible this must have made him feel.  I know it made my whole family extremely proud.

Because of his passion and sheer enjoyment of spending his days in the office it was extremely hard for him to hand over the reigns.  Minichiello Jewellers was his baby and the thought of doing anything else never crossed his mind.  He desperately wanted to work forever and continue all of the relationships he had built over the 50 plus years with his faithful customers.  When his son-in-law Daniel, Crestina's husband, started to work alongside him and learn the business just like we had, my dad finally felt comfortable enough to step back and enjoy life as a retiree.

I will never forget and always treasure my memories of this wonderful man as I'm sure many people will do too.   Fred, you were truly an outstanding man.  We consider ourselves so blessed to have shared in life's journey with you.  We hope to make you proud as we carry on your tradition and hopefully, one or all of your grandchildren will share this passion too.  And with every sparkle in every diamond that we see, we will always think of you shining down on us.  We love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

A Modern Remake

A Modern RemakeIf you are lucky enough to inherit a piece of jewellery but not lucky enough to love the design, do I have some ideas for you!  Taken straight out of my very own jewellery box is an example of how reworking a piece of jewellery can be simple and effective, and give that old piece of jewellery new life.

My mother gifted me this sapphire and diamond cluster ring that she used to wear, lets just say, a long time ago!  The design was lovely back in the day but isn't exactly my style or taste.  I put it aside until I had some inspiration and while I was flipping through some magazines this summer, the design idea was found.

Using the beautiful blue sapphires from the center of the cluster ring, I designed a  simple, high polish band with modern flair.  Bezel setting the sapphires through the center was an easy decision for practicality, considering I have three young boys that I'm always chasing after!  Deciding between white or yellow gold was the biggest decision as white gold dominates my jewellery box and is typically the perfect backdrop for those cool hued gems, but something was intriguing about yellow gold and I'm glad that was my choice.

The next step was to create a wax mock-up so I could really get a sense of the finished piece.  The size, the width, the sapphire placement, every detail that I wanted was represented in bright green wax.  I loved every design detail and was anxious to have the wax casted and the sapphires set.  In seven quick days, the final piece was finished and needless to say, I was a happy camper.

Not only do I have a custom made, modern and beautiful sapphire band but I also have a little piece of history that I will cherish forever.  Special thanks to my mom, Sharon Minichiello, for a generous gift that had an unexpected and wonderful modern remake.