Caring for Your Jewellery

A diamond lasts a lifetime but only with the proper care and attention.  It is very important to treat your jewellery pieces as the valuable items they are and you can do this with a couple of helpful hints.


HINT 1 :  Try to remove your jewellery pieces when doing any physical activity, especially activities where you will be gripping or holding metal or heavy items for an extended period of time  (ie:  weightlifting, playing golf, playing hockey, etc).  This constant metal on metal action can cause distortion and bending of the gold, silver or platinum base.

HINT 2 :  When showering or bathing, try to remove your jewellery items in an attempt to maintain the sparkle and brilliance of your piece.  Shampoos and soaps will coat your diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals leaving a film of residue and dulling the appearance of your special piece.  After all, diamonds and gemstones were meant to shine!

HINT 3 :  Always check the clasps of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to ensure the mechanisms remain tight over time.  Precious metals are malleable and can loosen with wear, so special attention to these areas is important for security and longevity.

HINT 4 :  Keep pearls and other organic jewellery pieces away from harsh chemicals and perfumes.  Follow the classic pearl mantra by putting these delicate pieces on last when you dress for the day and removing them first at the end of the day.  Pearls also do not like water, as it can loosen the adhesive used for their various settings.

HINT 5 :  Just come by our office and see us!  Annual inspection of all jewellery pieces can only help add years of sparkle and safety.  We always offer friendly and timely inspection of any piece in an attempt to limit or prevent any unforeseen wear and tear.