Full Swing

Wedding season is in full swing at Minichiello Jewellers and we are loving every minute of it.  It is a chance to have some fun and get creative with wedding bands and discover pairings that take your set from incredible to wow!  It is also a great time to express your individuality and choose something that is uniquely yours.

Our diamond stackable bands come in many shapes, sizes and colours of gold and are the perfect complement for engagement rings of every style.  Four of our most popular styles are included in the picture at left.  We are showing the marquise and round bezel alternating diamond band; the classic, four-claw diamond eternity band; the diamond shape and pod alternating diamond band; and our lovely full bezel set, miligrain detailed diamond band.  Each of these diamond bands are feminine, classic, and full of brilliance.  And what makes these bands even sweeter, is that they are all available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum.

Completely customizable and oh, so beautiful!  If you are on the hunt for wedding bands for your big day, I can’t think of a better place to start.

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The New Classic

The oval cut diamond is hot, hot, hot (check out my previous post!) but it may have some competition with these three beauties pictured here.   Fancy shape diamonds are making a major impact in engagement ring designs and I have to say, it’s about time!

As a fancy diamond wearer myself, I have always admired and adored fancy shaped diamonds for their uniqueness and individuality.  They are not nearly as popular as the beautiful round brilliant cut diamond but they all have something special in their own way.

The cushion cut diamond at left quickly became one of the most popular fancy shape diamonds over the last 10 years and its popularity is showing no signs of slowing down.  It is a happy medium between the round brilliant cut diamond and a fancy cut diamond as its brilliant cut facets sparkle and shine like the best of them.

The pear shape diamond creates such an elegant and elongated look on the finger and is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour thanks to Elizabeth Taylor and her now infamous, Taylor-Burton 69.42ct pear shape stunner.  This diamond had major impact on the world of diamonds and design and was even on display at Cartier for a small amount of time, fetching over 6000 visitors per day!

Last but not least is the emerald cut diamond pictured on the right.  This elegant shape has forever been my favourite and even though its sparkle factor ranks lower on the charts, it’s this subtle shimmer and glow that will always win over my heart.

We have shown these three beautiful diamonds in the most simplistic of designs, a timeless and delicate yellow gold mounting.  This understated design is the perfect complement to any fancy shape diamond as it focuses all of the attention right where it needs to be.  The new classic is all about fancies and we couldn’t agree more!





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All About The Oval

It’s a new year and we are already seeing the new trends that 2017 has to offer.  And one trend that we just can’t get enough of is the stunning oval cut diamond.  This classic diamond shape is making a comeback in a major way and we are definitely paying attention.

The gorgeous oval cut diamond first made its appearance in the 1960’s.  It was a modification of the traditional round brilliant cut diamond, elongated into the elegant oval shape, while still keeping that great sparkle.  It quickly garnered popularity and attention but became over shadowed when other popular fancy shape diamonds came onto the market.

Now, the oval cut diamond is back in high demand and it is easy to see why.  The shape is timeless, classic and offers nothing but sparkle.  The oval cut diamond also looks amazing in a variety of settings so its versatility rates high on the charts.  My preference for the lovely oval diamond, is the simple solitaire pictured at left.  We have set the diamond in a white gold, four-claw setting and placed it on a slim, high polish yellow gold band.   With this design, it is all about the oval and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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A Christmas Proposal

Is a Christmas proposal in the works but you are just not sure what ring she will love?  Well, look no further than our sparkling counters as we have you covered.

Diamond engagement rings are the heart and soul of Minichiello Jewellers and they are what we do best.  We pride ourselves on our beautiful designs, impeccable diamond quality and expert craftsmanship.  Our in-house engagement rings include a large variety of different diamond shapes including the classic round brilliant cut diamond, the popular oval shape diamond, the lovely cushion shape, the elegant emerald cut and the perfect princess, just to name a few!  All of these diamond shapes and more are available in many colours and karats of gold and if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, we also offer custom design.

Custom design is also our strong suit as our goldsmiths can create  virtually any design you can dream of.  We will guide you through the custom design process starting from the initial design and sketch phase, moving onto the wax mock-up of the desired design, through to casting of the metal, setting of the diamonds and to the final finishing touches.  Every step a check point to make sure that the final ring is exactly what you were dreaming of.

We love what we do at Minichiello’s and we hope you will too.  And this is the perfect reason why our diamond engagement rings are the 12th pick for our favourite holiday gift list this year.  Happy shopping!



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Always a classic

Always a classic are our beautiful diamond stud earrings and this timelessness definitely makes them our 11th pick for our favourite holiday gist list this year.

Available in many different diamond sizes, colours of gold and price ranges there is a perfect pair for everyone.  You can also choose your favourite setting style from among the classic four-claw set to the new three claw, martini style setting.  And what makes them even greater is that with every diamond stud purchase, we offer a lifetime of diamond upgrading.  This means, if you start at one diamond size and over the years would like to go bigger, we will give you a credit for exactly what you originally spent and you can put that towards your purchase of a bigger pair.  It is the gift that keeps on giving!

Another fun thing that you can do with these classic diamond stud earrings is add an interchangeable diamond jacket to up the sparkle factor.  We have pictured here two examples of what this beautiful jacket looks like.  All you do is simply insert your diamond stud into the center of the diamond jacket and voila!  A little extra sparkle for a little extra pizzazz this holiday season.

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A diamond cluster must

Our tenth jewellery item on our favourite holiday gift list this year has to be the diamond cluster ring.  The diamond cluster ring is loved and adored by so many for its incredible sparkle and brilliance amongst the many diamonds it incorporates in each design.  These three diamond cluster rings pictured are definitely a diamond cluster must and there is more from where they came from too!

A diamond cluster ring is a great idea for an engagement ring, a promise ring, or for a ring that will knock her socks off.  Each diamond cluster is made up of tiny, round brilliant cut diamonds that are expertly set to minimize metal but maximize sparkle.  The finished product is a seamless cluster of brilliance that will sparkle in any light.  Choose from small, medium and large diamond clusters, there is a design, size and price range for just about anyone.

Come by and check out our beautiful selection of diamond cluster rings this holiday season.  I promise they are even more stunning in person and simply, will not disappoint!


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Arm Candy

Is your loved one asking for a little arm candy this holiday season?  Then look no further than our ninth favourite holiday gift list item this year.  We have a lot of gorgeous diamond arm candy to choose from and these designs are only just a few!

We fell in love with this dainty diamond bracelet trend a few years ago at the New York jewellery show and new designs keep on coming.  It is a great alternative to the traditional diamond tennis bracelet that has been a jewellery staple for many lucky ladies over the years.  This new dainty diamond bracelet is a little more versatile, as the diamonds are smaller in nature making its wearability factor all day long.  You can pair them with your favourite watch, pair them with another bracelet and even pair them with a funky bangle to really mix things up.

And you know it is a personal favourite when every Minichiello girl wears one.  I happen to have the straight, micro pave set bar bracelet, my sister has the slightly oval-shaped, diamond pave disc design and my mom wears the pave bar just like myself.  It’s a design we can’t get enough of and one that most definitely had to be on our list.

Available in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold too, these dainty diamond bracelets would make the perfect arm candy gift this holiday season.


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Stunning in sterling silver

It is time for our eighth favourite holiday gift list item this year and I am excited to share with you our most popular earring of 2016.  These beautiful, sterling silver ear huggers were a hit from the moment we received them and their popularity is still going strong.  And I think it’s pretty easy to see why!

Our sterling silver ear huggers were an exciting discovery from our annual trip to the Las Vegas jewellery show.  We knew the moment we spotted them that they had major style and that we just had to have them.  Available in sterling silver, yellow gold-plated or rose gold-plated there is a colour for everyone.  And priced at $100, they are sure to fit nicely into the holiday budget planning too!

I personally own a sterling silver pair and I love how they can go from day to night so easily!  They are a current staple in my jewellery box and they snag a complement, or two, or three, every time I wear them.

If you have someone on your gift list that would love a little sparkle and style, I think these sterling silver ear huggers are a great place to start!

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Everything is coming up rosy

Everything is coming up rosy for our 7th favourite holiday gift list this year.  It is rose gold for the win and we are loving every rosy minute of it!

By far, the top trend for jewellery and design in 2016 has to be rose gold.  We have seen it everywhere from engagement rings, to wedding bands, to anniversary rings, earrings and pendants and let’s not forget bracelets too.  We are loving rose gold so much that you will find a bevy of rose gold beauties sparkling from within our counters this holiday season.

These beautiful pendants, bracelet and ring pictured are just a sampling of what is in store.  And if you look back at our holiday gift list this year, you will find a few more rose gold pieces that just couldn’t be ignored!

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A stud that makes a statement

We are halfway into our favourite holiday gift list this year and the beautiful pieces just keep on coming.  I am excited to share with you this 6th gift idea as I have been personally wanting these studs for quite some time.   I am a sucker for a stud that makes a statement and for me, these lilac amethyst studs fit that bill perfectly.

Measuring just over 9mm in diameter, these lilac amethyst studs make a major impact.  The lilac amethysts at center are a beautiful shade of pinkish-lavender and are complemented so perfectly with the rose gold backdrop.  Set in six, delicate claws each lilac amethyst is faceted like a diamond to shine and sparkle from every angle.  Their rose gold settings include lovely, filigree detail and secure with post and butterflies for safety.  And if you take a look back to our very first holiday gift idea this year, you will see that they are the perfect match for that knock out of a ring!

I think this 6th holiday gift idea will go down as my favourite but with six more to go, you just never know!


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