Year of Colour

Happy New Years to all of our friends and family of Minichiello Jewellers.  We are forever grateful for all of your love and support, especially in times of uncertainty and change.  That being said, we are so excited to welcome a new year, a fresh start, and see all of the beautiful things to come!

We are predicting 2021 to be the year of vivid colours, true hues and full on expression of personal style. Colours evoke happiness, optimism, faith and love and we could all use a little more of these feelings just about now.

Our ruby red, diamond heart earrings are one of the items we are coveting this year.  These beauties arrived two days before Christmas and we quickly fell in love.  The heart shaped rubies at center are the perfect shade of red and the micro pave halo's and supporting diamond accented hoops add just the right amount of sparkle.  I was lucky enough to receive a pair of these earrings for Christmas and they will definitely be on repeat each and every day!

Our opal and diamond heart pendant is also a must have item this year.  This opal's fiery blue colour is unique and eye catching and the petite diamond pave halo adds just the right amount of sparkle.  This pendant will brighten your jewellery wardrobe and your day!

And if an engagement ring is what you are in the market for, why not consider a little bit of colour?!  Sapphires are the perfect way to add that special pop of colour to your wedding set because of their long lasting durability and their beautiful way to attract and reflect the light.  They also come in a rainbow of colours so there is truly something for everyone.  



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