12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide - Day 11!!

We can' t believe we are already at Day 11 in our 'Minichiello's 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide'!! We have been having so much fun sharing our picks this holiday season and we are thrilled to share with you two more! Day 11 is all about studs, the classic and timeless, diamond stud earring.

Our love affair with diamond stud earrings is never ending.  So much so, that they have been selected every year, on every single wish list we have done. There is no other jewellery item that is more classic and timeless, and will stand the test of time.  They have been in style since we can remember and will continue to be treasured by all who are lucky to receive them.

Check out our amazing selection of diamond stud earrings in price ranges starting from $200 and up.  We promise this gift idea will not disappoint!

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