Christmas Gift Guide - Day 6

Day 6 is here in our "12 days of Christmas gift guide" and who doesn't LOVE a pair of classic diamond stud earrings?!! You will find diamond stud earrings on all of our wish lists each year as they truly are a jewellery staple.

At Minichiello's we carry a huge selection of diamond stud earrings in every size and price point to fit every budget.  Most are set in a white gold backdrop to accentuate the colourless brilliance of the diamonds, but we also carry them in yellow or rose gold if you prefer. 

And what makes our diamond studs even sweeter?!! With every purchase of our diamond stud earrings, we offer a lifetime of upgrading.  At any point, we will give you back exactly what you paid for your diamond studs and you can put that towards purchasing a larger pair.  Any time and for any dollar amount!  They are the gift that really keeps on giving.

Shop our diamond stud earrings online or in store now!

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