Back and bright!

Trends come and go in jewellery and design and colours of gold are no exception.  We have seen a surge in popularity of white gold over the last decade and for many beautiful reasons.  Colourless diamonds on a white gold backdrop look crisp, clean, modern and bright, but the slow and steady return of yellow gold is giving white gold a run for its money.

Yellow gold has been long considered a classic among jewellery collections and hit its height in popularity in the 1970's through to the late 90's.  It was synonymous with luxury and often seen worn in many layers, from long gold chains, large medallions, chunky bracelets and statement hoops.  When the 2000's arrived, we noticed a shift from the high polish yellow gold to more of the modern aesthetic of a bright white metal.  Platinum became a quick and now fading fad and white gold became the choice of nearly 75% of customers. 

Until the last two years, our counters were filled with mainly white gold pieces.  Everything from engagement rings, earrings, pendants and more.  But yellow gold has been slowing gaining back its long adored popularity and we are embracing this new, but classic trend in every single way.

This picture is just an example of yellow gold in all of its glory.  The simple, cushion cut solitaire engagement ring provides a beautiful backdrop and contrast to the colourless diamond at centre.  The diamond stackable bands in yellow gold have a subtle and feminine shimmer that pair perfectly with engagement rings or shine bright on their own.  And our gold plated ball bracelet with the cz ball accent is a fun accessory to add a little punch to any arm candy stack.

And if you are a hoop lover like me, we have more than just a few pairs to choose from.  Hoops are that one accessory that can take you from day to night and add a little fun to any outfit.  Here are two pairs that I am loving right now, our wide gold hoop earrings and our gold huggie style hoops.


However you wear it, yellow gold is back in high demand and we are loving every minute of it.  To check out our selection of yellow gold pieces, visit us online now.  


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