17 / Jun / 2019

The Magnificent Morganite

Our love affair with morganites shows no sign of slowing down. But just what is a morganite?  Where does it come from and is it safe for daily wear? 

The Magnificent Morganite
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At Minichiello Jewellers we love anything with a feminine and soft aesthetic so when morganite crossed our desk many years ago, we immediately fell in love.  This love affair with the pretty gemstone shows no signs of slowing down as our new styles and designs keep getting better and better.  But just what is a morganite?  Where does it come from and is it safe for daily wear?  These are a few questions we are more than happy to answer!

Morganites were first discovered in Madagascar around 1910 and are part of a prestigious mineral family of gemstones, beryl, which includes stunning emeralds and lovely aquamarines.  They are loved and adored mainly because of their feminine, pinkish peach colour which is the result of trace elements like manganese.  Besides their beauty, morganites also have a fine reputation for being a very eye clean stone with no visible inclusions or imperfections, which is much unlike its relative the emerald which is commonly included and treated.

One of the more interesting facts about morganite is actually where the name morganite comes from.  Many people assume it is named after the person who first discovered it, but morganite is actually named after the American banker J.P. Morgan.  J.P. Morgan was granted this incredible honor because of his continuing support and genourous donations of his personal gem collections to many important musuems.  

Now that we know a little more about morganites, lets talk about its wearability as a gemstone in various jewellery forms.  Morganite rates quite high in hardness in comparison to other gem varieties.  It rates a 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, just under a sapphire which rates an impressive 9 and equivalent to Topaz which is a steady 8.  This translates to a really nice wearability factor which means morganite performs well in rings, pendants and earrings without too much worry of chipping or breakage.  Of course, even a diamond, which rates a perfect 10 on the hardness scale, is susceptible to chipping or damage when hit at exactly the right spot, so when wearing your treasured morganite jewellery, we always recommend to take special care.   

Another thing we love about this stunning gemstone is its ability to blend with a variety of metals and existing jewellery wardrobes.  Its subtle hue complements settings crafted in any colour of gold whether you prefer yellow, white or rose and it also means, morganite blends perfectly with diamonds, of course! 

If you are loving this beautiful pinkish-peach hued gemstone, be sure to check out our beautiful collection of finished jewellery pieces.  Choose from rings, earrings, and pendants all set with one of our new favourite gemstones, morganite.



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