Radiant Rules

Fancy shape diamonds are making a big impact on today's bridal market and one shape in particular is reigning supreme. The radiant cut diamond with its elongated shape and amazing sparkle is out shining all the rest in a bright and beautiful way.

Radiant cut diamonds were first invented in 1977 by a well seasoned diamond cutter who had the brilliant idea to combine the elegant and linear shape of the emerald cut diamond with the faceting style of a round brilliant cut.  By combining these two shapes, he was hoping to appeal to those consumers who admired the emerald cut diamonds shape but longed for maximum sparkle and boy, did he succeed!  The radiant cut diamond accomplished his goal and has been making a big impact on the bridal market for decades.  

Most notably, radiant cut diamonds have been seen on the hands of everyone from Kim Kardashian, to Jennifer Lopez and tennis pro Anna Kournikova, just to name a few.

We are loving the radiant cut diamond set in our favourite diamond halo engagement ring as it really emphasizes its elongated shape.  The round brilliant cut diamonds that are micro pave set into the halo and down the shoulders of the ring maximize sparkle and keep things delicate and feminine.  Check out this beautiful engagement ring online here

For more information on finding your perfect radiant cut diamond or any other beautiful diamond shape visit us in store or online now!

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