More than just one!

Wedding season is in full swing and it's safe to say, we are loving every minute of it.  Nothing makes us happier than helping our clients find their forever rings, and those jewellery pieces that they will treasure forever.  It can be a difficult task for some, selecting the band that pairs perfectly with their engagement ring or finding a band that expresses their individual style just right.  With so many different styles, colours of gold, gemstone and diamonds, and endless designs, how is one to choose?  Well sometimes, the answer is more than just one!

When diamond stackable bands first made their mark on the jewellery industry, everyone took notice.  It was a right hand ring trend that immediately caught on and soon every jewellery collection on the market included more than a handful of beautiful designs.  It was the perfect way for clients to express their style by creating a diamond stack that was individually and uniquely theirs. With every significant occasion, another band was added and soon it was the most memorable way to celebrate a milestone with a piece of jewellery.

But let's not forget about a diamond stackable bands versatility too!  These sparkling bands not only work brilliantly as right hand rings but are the perfect choice for a wedding band too.  It embodies the eclectic and romantic bridal trend so well by adding a hint of personality to almost every style of engagement ring and has now become, the most popular diamond wedding band style around. Even if you a typically prefer a perfect matching set, you will be surprised at how much you may love one of these new ways to pair.  It is a fresh perspective on the classic bridal wedding set and a trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon.

If you are in the market and looking for your perfect band, come visit us in store or view our collection online.  With our amazing and brilliant selection of diamond stackable bands, we are certain you will find that special one!


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